The reasons I am running for State Representative for District 58 are simple. I was born and raised in Johnson County and my family has roots here going back 100 years. I strongly believe in our time-tested Conservative values and will fight to protect and promote them. I am running to KEEP TEXAS GREAT.

As a practicing attorney for three decades, I have done what a State Representative does—listen to people, understand their problems, and FIX them. Like all of us, I have experienced life’s successes and adversities. These experiences served to sharpen my judgment, hone my courage, and make firm my resolve.

I want to take my personal and professional experiences to Austin to serve all the people of District 58. I will see to it that District 58 gets its fair share of the State’s budgetary pie and that your problems and needs are addressed. I will be YOUR powerful advocate at the State House in Austin.

In summary, I believe in the Conservative values that have stood the test of time. I am able to effectively lead and speak for the interests of District 58. And I’m not afraid to stand alone or against great odds.

I believe, I am able, and I’m not afraid.

Send Lyndon Laird to Austin and send a leader with the values, experience, judgment, and courage to KEEP TEXAS GREAT!